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Latitude 18 is a four part radio documentary about the Spanish mackerel fishery in Queensland. The documentary is also hosted on a microsite latitude18fishing.com as a single streaming podcast. The microsite also has the  unedited interviews and other supporting material.

Latitude 18 part one from writenq on Vimeo.

Listen to an interview with  Murray Logan who spent many nights on Magnetic Island in north Queensland finding koalas to help with research on their habitat use and home ranges.

One of the interesting aspects of koala biology is that they are the only vertebrate able to live solely on gum tree eucalyptus leaves.  Dr Murray Logan said koalas have poorest diets of any mammal. The real challenge in the koala diet is the toxic compounds in the leaves that resist insect attacks and are antibacterial. As herbivores rely on fermentation to digest their food anything that kills microbes is also going to make digesting and extracting nutrition from the leaves more difficult. One adaptation found in koalas that allows them to live on eucalyptus leaves is specialised gut flora.

Housing Design across Australia needs to take account of the local climate and be based on sustainable features for that climate. Cairns Architect Roger Mainwood and Lisa Law from James Cook University are working on solutions for Australia’s tropical regions. Barometer’s Kate Osborne speaks with them both.

Research – Stopping the use of single-use plasticshttps://t.co/wx2YzExhpk pic.twitter.com/hOEmbTBZxK

— Kate Osborne (@writenq) November 28, 2016






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