People, Culture & Country 2018

The opening of People, Culture and Country on the 12th Spetember, 2018 was the culmination of months or creative activity at Townsville’s State High Schools. As videographer for the project I documented the creation of the art pieces and workshops by indigenous artists from all over Queensland. It was a wonderful experience and great to meet so many students and artists.

Welcome to Country - Reinhard Gmeinder

Reinhard Gmeinder at the opening of People, Culture & Country at Riverway in Townsville

Each art piece is accompanied by a short videos that showcase the modelled outfit and the students ideas in creating the piece.  Each video has an original soundtrack by Townsville composer Condo.

The art pieces are on show at Riverway in Townsville until mid-October.

Urchin Protector 2018

Shameka BULSEY-SAM models Urchin Protector, the outfit made by William Ross SHS in Townsville, 2018

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