The Pub That Sells More Books Than Beer

THE PUB THAT SELLS MORE BOOKS THAN BEER had its genesis in a chance discovery in the Townsville library. I was browsing on the north Queensland shelves and came across Douglas Barrie’s book “Minding my Business”.

I flicked through the pages and discovered Douglas’s book was a detailed history of a place I’de never heard of; Bemerside. Douglas’s writing style is entertaining and informal and I was surprised at the richness of the stories. For me it was the start of the journey that revealed a treasure trove of stories and a few mysteries as well.


The short doco THE PUB THAT SELLS MORE BOOKS THAN BEER is really about Douglas and how he has made a home in Bemerside as the publican of the Seymour Hotel. The Seymour Hotel is only 3km from the Bruce Highway. So next time you are in the area stop by for a story. Douglas says the pub is staying in the old days – no mobile phones, no pokies. Just good old fashioned conversation and some diabolical puzzles if you are in the mood.

PS don’t rely on Google Maps though or you will get lost like I did.


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