Luxlumin image credits

Barramundi Sequence
Helios Martinez

Timelapse Sequences
Bede Ashley, Gregg Savage, Jesse Midgley
Night sky Timelapse Vision
Thomas Rattei

Jetty footage
Catia Carvalho and Christian Lonborg

Brush Turkey and Heron
Matt Barneveld via Birds of Oz

The Venue as Holden dealership
Dave Mullen via Lost Townsville

Causeway Hotel
Greg Calvert via Lost Townsville

Rainforest Images
Robert Kerton via CSIRO science image

Kalgoolie mine footage
Graeme Reid


Robert Puschendorf via the eAtlas
Litoria lorica

Conrad Hoskin via the eAtlas
Taudactylus eungellensis

Minke Whale footage
Ragini Osinga

T&G building demolition
Markwell Construction Group

Cowboys NRL footage
Cowboys NRL

Historical Photos
Picture Townsville

Special thanks to

Dan Hethorn

Ronald Hopetoun Harris & Matthew Harris

Ariella van Luyn

Townsville City Library

Flynn and Ebony Speare

Luke Gourlay

Angus Thompson

Special Research Sources

Trisha Fielding – North Queensland History

Townsville Bulletin

Produced for Luxlumin 2016

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